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The world of matter cannot account for conscious awareness. We take it for granted but it is beyond understanding. That is because the elements we are made of, ATOMS, consist only of particles and forces of attraction and repulsion. There is nothing there to account for self awareness. And when we create cells, again these are chemical structures that form the body. To understand fully the scientific reason why the brain cannot account for conscious awareness, read our pages on THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. in this website.

Many people falsely think that ghosts and poltergeist phenomena are not real, but there have been many corroborated sightings and experiences, sometimes witnessed by many which show the validity. At Aramai we have film of poltergeist activity in a house in London that was witnessed by many, including the police and the media. Details were put into a book called THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED. Peter Ramster also experienced haunting first hand, when young.

Past life memory has led to the uncovering of items and knowledge that has been shown to be true, even though it is not logical that the person who so remembered should have had any way of knowing it. An example is the uncovering of items buried a long time ago. The extraordinary evidence uncovered by Peter Ramster was also witnessed by others, including people from universities, people from the media, people
attached to his expedition. Other researchers include Arnold Bloxham and Ian Stevenson. They also found convincing evidence.

Peter Ramster’s life has been one that led him along an unusual path. When he was young living in the UK, he experienced poltergeist phenomena. When he opened his practice he experienced people recalling past lives. He became so interested he pursued this for evidence. He also had a desire to study the unconscious more and over time he began to develop a detailed understanding of the language of dreams, or the way dreams express thoughts. He developed this understanding to create a breakthrough in conscious/unconscious communication.  He began to have predictive dreams and message dreams himself,  like the prophetic biblical dreams of the past, but because of his skill with conscious/unconscious communication, he always understood them. His life has followed the pattern as was depicted in his dreams. Peter’s life has been witnessed by many others, including his close family. A book on Peter’s life is to be released later this year, and a film company is also presently making a film on his life that will be released within the next year. A condensed version of the book will be made available on this site soon for download.

For most of his life Peter’s personal experiences were kept to himself but as he is now in his mid sixties he has decided to make the details available to those who would be interested to know and understand. His experiences tell us something about the truth of life and it’s purpose.

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