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The Inspirational
Life of Peter Ramster

Peter Ramster's life has been an extraordinary one and holds many valuable insights into life and what life is about. His lifetime experiences have included encounters with poltergeists, research into life after death and reincarnation, prophetic dreams and more. He spent many years studying dreams and other elements of the mind, which, in addition to his research, led him to an understanding of the spiritual journey of life. In 1981 he had a dream in which God came to him and told him about his life. It was an event that began a new phase in his lifelong journey. Though not attached to any religion, he went on to study the Bible and other spiritual books as well, and found confirmation that what his research and experiences led him to believe, has in fact been taught in one form or another for millennia. He found that life is a spiritual journey and the answers to its mysteries are there to be found, if you know where to look.

Consciousness is like a beacon that suggests something special exists in this material world. For millennia it has engendered mystery and questions about ourselves: but there has been a tendency of the world to believe what is desired to be believed, to choose what is comfortable, rather than what is reality, and sometimes obvious. Consciousness is the ‘holy grail’ of life itself. It can’t come from the world around us for scientifically valid reasons, and to suggest it comes from the brain, as many do, is the equivalent of attributing consciousness to the tooth fairy. What part of the brain can give lifeless, inanimate particles and objects consciousness? Does the brain have magical powers? If so, how come, because the same structures that make up your morning orange juice when rearranged, make up your brain. What enchanting wonder gives it its magical power? The function of the brain is not magical of course, it’s simply chemical, so the brain shouldn’t be aware of the chemical functions going on inside it, and really can’t be. How can it be? There is something quite magical happening with consciousness, but most of us take it for granted.
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Reincarnation is a Fact of Life.

If you desire to see real evidence for life after
death & reincarnation read these books.


Peter Ramster's difficult to attain first book 'The Truth About Reincarnation' contains details of his evidential reincarnation research as well as insight into life after death, the meaning and purpose of life and existence beyond death. It is a must read as a forerunner to his later books, especially his later incredibly evidential work titled 'The Search for Lives Past'.

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The Search for Lives Past
Extraordinary Research and Insight into Reincarnation and Life after Death.

The Search for Lives Past was inspired by the research undertaken into reincarnation by Peter Ramster, which led to the making of the film ‘Reincarnation’, in which four of the subjects of research were taken to the other side of the world to see to what evidence might be found for the reality of their past life recall, and what proof this might bring for the reality of reincarnation itself. The expedition undertaken uncovered much stronger evidence than expected, and some was nothing short of amazing. Buried items were found: the houses recalled were found, as were other places, and descriptions were found to be correct. People knew their way in countries never before visited in this life, and the old names were found in the records. The film produced from the expedition couldn’t include all of the facts, as there were too many of them, so the book ‘The Search for Lives Past’ served to expand on the film. There is probably no similar research carried out anywhere which has brought such strong evidence and such positive results, so the book is a powerful reminder that there remains much yet to be understood about human existence.
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The Code of Aramai (Volume Two) - An amazing book on dreams.

Dreams offer a communication to the inner self and a route to guidance on an amazing scale. 200 years of research, including the research of author and retired psychologist Peter Ramster has brought us to a new and empowering understanding of dreams as outlined in these books. A fantastic read. A valuable insight.

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Self Development

This is a book about self-development that can guide you along a path of personal growth in a spiritual sense. Personal spiritual development is something that in time brings a sense of achievement, and a more enlightened you, while at the same time fulfills life’s purpose. Life is a journey we all make, but we all take different trains and travel across different landscapes, so we all experience different happenings: nevertheless, from the journey of life, we are all supposed to reach a similar destination. This book looks at the ways we can reach that goal.

An Amazing Book on Dreams
The Code of Aramai - Volume One

Dreams link themselves to many topics, but an especially important one is sexuality, as sexuality factors in so many aspects of life, including spirituality and the creative self. This was the great Freudian find, but has been confirmed many times since. An important aspect of human nature is also the attraction to romance, which is an important part of the social and evolutionary nature of human society. Yet spirituality and sexuality often come into conflict when viewed from the perspective of some religious figures, but shouldn’t when viewed from the perspective of nature and dreams. This book looks at how sexuality and romance invades our dreams, how dreams can act as a spiritual advisor and guide, and how dreams play a part in our creativity.


There are different reasons why the mind is important. The mind for instance interacts with the body, but equally important is the fact that the mind affects society in many ways. Society is moulded by positive and negative forces: sometimes these are driven by one or more people, such as Hitler and the Nazi regime, or Stalin, and though good leaders can also come and go as well, society is largely a reflection of the people within it as a whole. A bad society can generate discontent and hate, which can become expressed in subtle but important ways, for example by increased intolerance, racism and draconian laws. A lack of spirituality can therefore play a large part in the downfall of society: because corruption, callousness, the devaluation of people, and greed are all a part of this condition, and those things lead to different classes of people, to the poverty of many, to discontent and eventually trouble. It’s therefore important that people realise there is a life beyond death, a greater power than ourselves, and a meaning and purpose to life, because those who pursue criminal ways, or the ways of greed, hate and callousness, for instance, not only need to atone one day; but they also fail the very basic reason for coming here, self improvement and spiritual wisdom, and they reduce society, when they should be assisting to raise it up. There is substantive evidence for life after death and there are different methods available to bring an understanding of life and spirituality, and how we should be as people. Those who are truly wise will pursue a deeper understanding of these things. Of course, spirituality encompasses traits such as generosity, love, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, and a sense of humanity. Anyone who lacks these things should not really be a leader and is not someone who fits the title of ‘spiritual’. Reflecting on that thought, how much kindness, generosity, love, and especially forgiveness do we see in the world today? Is this an indicator that as a world, somewhere along the road of life, we lost our way? It shows the importance of each in society having a spiritual mind.

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This site is run by volunteers and is entirely non-profit. We have no financial agenda, only the dissemination of truth. Everything we have on this site is the result of research, or is based on factual occurrences, and is supported by evidence. Our reincarnation findings were based on many years research work and some of that was correlated with reported NDEs and the like. On this site we endeavour to bring a true understanding of life based on facts and evidence, not wishful thinking, nor religious agendas. Ideas based on belief are all very well, but in the past they led to things like the inquisition, the burning of witches, a belief that the world is flat, and so on. It’s much better we base our beliefs on fact, or at least on what has good evidence for it. Fortunately, research has shown that life after death and reincarnation have strong evidence for them, and this has confirmed a meaning and a purpose to life. On this site we give details of that and we support those who seek such knowledge.

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