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Oh What Peacefulness, Insight and Satisfaction We Can Bring to Ourselves.

You'd have the most advanced car. Why not the most spiritual you?




What constitutes an advanced human being is someone who is spiritually aware and has a deeper understanding of the world around them from a spiritual perspective. It has been written that it is harder for a businessman to pass through the gates of Heaven, than it is for a camel to climb through the eye of a needle. While this is not necessarily true, it underlines the idea behind it; that commercialism and business acumen on their own don’t make for an enlightened soul; only understanding spiritual matters, and understanding the need for self-improvement does. It’s not always easy to change ourselves: sometimes something is needed from the outside as well, and that’s where life comes in. People in the modern world are put through many stresses and obligations from birth to the grave. The nature of the world ensures that. The Earth itself is full of dangers and things to be wary of, from lions and tigers to dangerous bacteria. Even benign bugs give us problems, such as influenza, and are not always so benign. We need water, rain, food, shelter and clothing, and we also of course need money: but these things are not always available, especially money. The end result is that needs are not always met. People also desire companionship and sexual fulfillment: some never find a satisfactory partner. We experience pain in many ways, including both physical and emotional pain: so if the world is part of something much greater, and life goes on beyond the grave, why all the difficulties, all the pain, all the dangers, all the suffering? It’s because of the fact stated at the head of this paragraph: life is about learning and personal development, not just about having a good time. It is a balance of good and bad, designed for personal spiritual growth, but sometimes the balance gets lost: wars appear, evil regimes take control, plagues and pandemics scour populations, and from time to time disasters strike, such as earthquakes, tidal waves, or even meteors from the sky. But from it all we learn so much: most importantly, we learn compassion, tolerance, kindness, generosity, helpfulness and wisdom: and from our pursuits and work, we develop perseverance and tenaciousness, and overall, we also gain strength. From the death of loved ones we learn the value of other people. When you see someone without the abovementioned qualities, especially the former ones mentioned, you are looking at someone who has not had many lives on the Earth, or has not had much adversity, because the longer you are here on Earth, the more suffering you will experience, and the more difficulties you will face with what you are trying to achieve, so you become stronger, and you come to empathise more with others who are experiencing pain and difficulties, and that leads to you being a kinder more helpful and better person. You can see then, by just a cursory look, that the world is about spiritual growth and personal development: it makes for a wiser and better you, though for some it is like being forged in the fires of Hell. But the more spiritual you become, the more advanced you become. That’s where our classes come in. Spiritual growth requires a deeper understanding about life than many have: it requires knowledge most don’t have, but these things can open the door to some previously untapped abilities and experiences, and spiritual growth can lead to better relationships, and to a better and more rewarding life.



Places are limited - booking essential

As we are a non-profit organisation costs are also very low.

If  you would like to join one of our groups or classes or would like to learn more about our present classes and groups either complete the form below or phone us. We can let you know what groups or classes are available or when the next one begins.

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