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Oh What Peacefulness, Insight and Satisfaction We Can Bring to Ourselves.

You'd have the most advanced car. Why not the most advanced you?




People in the modern world are put through many stresses and obligations from birth to the grave and in the process learn to block off, to forget, to adopt a mask, to suppress, to lose touch with themselves, their emotions and their sensitivities, even without realising it. Still, people cope, they survive, they endure, they focus on the most pressing and important issues of their lives. There are demands from within, as well as from without. The demands from within often become blocked. The demands from without often cannot be met. People compromise. People sometimes lose sight of a part of themselves, especially sensitive people, but often remain unaware that they have lost anything. The result is a lessening of the senses, sometimes in subtle ways, a focussing away from those things they don’t wish to be either aware of or reminded of. People become impaired without realising it. It becomes apparent only when anxiety strikes, or depression rears its head, or people cease to cope so effectively. Sometimes it isn’t depression that tells us there is something amiss, but a subtle dissatisfaction with life or aspects of life. Sometimes we ignore these dissatisfactions until they build up into a major crisis. Sexual dissatisfactions, relationship dissatisfactions and even loneliness, eating disorders and compulsive behaviour can develop. Sometimes, such things can be linked. Often, by the time people recognise something is wrong, the fundamentals of the problem are so suppressed, or hidden from them, they no longer have an understanding of them. Insightful techniques that bring deep insight can bring amazing positive change to those who do not even realise they need change. Even those who have little understanding of themselves, little sense of any need for improvement, can gain considerably from a deeper insight, and techniques that bring a deeper sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and even peacefulness to their lives. Techniques have been developed over millennia for those who desire them. We have a program for personal growth and development. Of course, all personal development brings spiritual development and a better you, as well as a more insightful you.



Places are limited - booking essential

As we are a non-profit organisation costs are also very low.

If  you would like to join one of our groups or classes or would like to learn more about our present classes and groups either complete the form below or phone us. We can let you know what groups or classes are available or when the next one begins.

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