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The Truth about Reincarnation

The Truth about Reincarnation was my first book. It was inspired by the research work I carried out at the time into past life memory. I had been encouraged by the clients I worked with who had spontaneously recalled past lives under hypnosis when told to return to the times when their  problems began. I recall one client who told me she had never felt the same since she lost her two sons in the American War of Independence. Another went on to recall a life in Southern USA as a black slave. Another recalled a life in Ancient Egypt and even went on to speak it. I was prompted to pursue the recall of other clients and this led to the book. In it I discussed my findings and some of the people I had worked with, along with along with memories commonly recalled, such as the death experience, and the world beyond this. People also recalled the process of returning to Earth and the emotions associated with that. It also documented the freedom people felt when they relived death. Finally, the book looked at some phenomena of mind that had ben researched by others at the time, to show the mind is a phenomena that needs much exploring. It was originally Published by Rigby publishers.


The Search For Lives Past

The Search for Lives Past was inspired by the research I undertook into reincarnation leading up to the making of the film ‘Reincarnation’ whereby we took four of the people I had been researching to the other side of the world to see to what extent their recall could be proven and what proof this might bring for the reality of reincarnation. I also included  chapter on past life problems, as I had noted that on rare occasions, clients recalled problems originating in past lives and being carried through into this. This had led to two rather spectacular cures so I thought at the time it was worth including a chapter on this phenomenon. The expedition we undertook overseas brought forth much greater evidence than I had expected, in fact some was nothing short of amazing. Buried items were found, the houses and other places were found, descriptions were correct, people knew their way in countries never before visited in this life, and names were found in the records. The film couldn’t include all of the facts as there were too many, so the book served to give the full details.


The Magic of Your Dreams Vol 1

‘The Magic of Your Dreams’ was a result of the work and research I carried out into the unconscious mind, and its method of expression.  Soon after commencing practice I recognised that the unconscious mind had its own form of expression. I spent many years trying to accurately understand what that was and how it was to be deciphered. It soon became apparent that this expression could be considered a type of language. The same language could be found in dreams. Following the development of my understanding of this language, I began to decipher many of my own dreams. Not long after I began to do this my dreams took a strange turn. Many became predictive and astonished me at the time with their accuracy, as what was foretold, eventually came to pass. Sometimes they might be fulfilled slowly at other times very soon after the dream. I realised that many people were having predictive dreams as well as dreams advising them, but they didn’t realise it, because they couldn’t understand what their dreams were saying. I decided to put some of this information and experience into books.


The Magic of Your Dreams Vol 2

The Magic of Your Dreams - Vol 2 contains more technical information on the deciphering of dreams. It examines the symbolism of dreams and how to decipher it. The book includes the major dream images that one might find and tells how to decipher those images in relation to their symbolic meaning. The important point for those beginning dream interpretation is that dreams have many recurring images, no matter who dreams them. The commonly recurring images form the core of the dream’s meaning. Added imagery adds to the context of the main imagery, assisting one to decipher it. This book discusses the main imagery as well as some of the peripheral symbols you can encounter when deciphering dreams. It also gives dreams as examples and shows how they are interpreted in a logical and straightforward manner. The many years of experience interpreting dreams as well as the many years researching the unconscious mind and its expression, allows me to accurately understand dreams and the way to interpret their hidden meanings.


The Code of Aramai - Vol One
The Key to Self Understanding - Sexuality and Romance in Dreams and Creativity

The Code of Aramai is a book that explores the way the symbolism of dreams reflects your sexuality, and the way such symbolism unconsciously finds its way into art and other creative forms. The book discusses some of the more common symbols of a sexual nature that can be found in dreams and unconscious expression, and discusses the usefulness of understanding and recognising these. One woman, for example, found that all her art was an expression of sex, but she didn’t realise that until she had learnt to recognise the elements of her art that were clearly sexual. Such insight leads to a deeper self understanding. Another young woman dreamt a series of dreams that showed how she was approaching her sexuality wrongly, and how she was suppressing her true self. It showed her what she should be doing in relation to both her sexuality and life, as well as how she might better handle relationships. The dreams also showed her what she unconsciously expected of herself, and how she was letting herself down.


The Code of Aramai - Vol Two
Unlocking the Wisdom Within

The Code of Aramai Vol 2 has a different focus to volume one. Volume one is a type of wake up call to show how our dreams reflect our deepest selves and how they can advise us sometimes when we need to be advised, because they have access to deeper levels of ourselves than we have consciously, or we consciously realise. It is a lead in to the second volume that explores life and the extraordinary wisdom that lies within us all; a wisdom that is waiting to be tapped. This series of books is to be expanded over time to take us deeper into our unconscious minds, deeper within ourselves, to show how you can gain insight at a level you may not have thought possible. It shows how we can improve ourselves and overcome impediments through self understanding and insight. It shows how life can be improved and enriched through self exploration. This series of books takes us beyond what most people would realise because it is based on historical knowledge and research, as well as 40 years of intensive modern research that few have undertaken. They therefore give knowledge that it will be difficult to find elsewhere, to this depth and accuracy.


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