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My Dream Journey - Part Two

Published by peter Ramster in July 2016 · 21/7/2016 19:05:42

The confirmation that something had indeed happened, that was exceptional, came on the 6th December 1983. I dreamt that two of our friends were splitting up. They were people who had always seemed very close and in the dream I was shocked. One of them asked me to sell their furniture. I said they shouldn’t be too hasty. They reply that I am six months too late, that the relationship is irretrievable. At the time I dreamt it I had been away. I called the people I knew and a different female to normal answered. The moment I heard the different voice, I knew the dream was correct. The male I knew came on the phone, and there was a moment silence and a slight awkwardness. He told me that they had split up (as per my dream). He said he had tried to contact me to get my help but I was away. He went overseas. Since then he has found a new partner. He said I’m six months too late.

The next exceptional dream came on the 21st December. I’ll never forget it. In the dream I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and saw it was slightly ajar. I opened it to find my father standing there. He had been dead for about 14 years.  I was surprised to see him and greeted him. He came inside. He was wearing a beautiful new suit and seemed much younger than he was when he was alive. We sat on the couch and chatted for a while with him telling me about what he’d been doing. After what seemed to be a long chat, he then said he had to go, but told me he’d be back. He left and I woke from the dream. It was sad to realize he was dead, but I had the strong sense that he’d visited in reality. I had confirmation that this was indeed a reality some years later, when from another dream I was given evidence about it.

To be continued.

My Dream Journey - Part One

Published by Peter Ramster in July 2016 · 15/7/2016 01:54:58

What You Need to Understand About Past Life Therapy.

Published by Peter Ramster in May 2013 · 31/5/2013 13:40:15
Past life therapy is a valid idea and in the right hands is a valid form of therapy, but it is also something needed only in exceptional circumstances.

What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy? How does it work?

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy both rely on the characteristics of mind to do their work. Hypnosis is associated with changing states of mind, however, light hypnosis is also associated with wishful thinking and fantasy.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Published by Peter Ramster in July 2012 · 18/7/2012 21:01:22
Hypnosis is used for the resolution of many problems. We use it to give up smoking. We use it to resolve emotional issues. We use it to understand phobias and the like. But what is hypnosis exactly? How does it work? Many people use it who don't know what they are doing. Does this matter? What about past life regression? Why do past life regression and hypnosis go together? Is there genuinely such a thing as past life therapy, or is it just a gimmick?
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