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What You Need to Understand About Past Life Therapy.

Published by Peter Ramster in May 2013 · 31/5/2013 13:40:15

Past life therapy is a valid idea and in the right hands is a valid form of therapy, but it is also something needed only in exceptional circumstances. It is my belief that very few people have problems that are left over from past lives though it is possible. For a person to develop a psychological problem there needs to be a cause and most people deal with life's difficulties and troubles without them leading to psychological problems, however, if childhood has contained extreme difficulties or damaging teachings, or if life has had severe physical or psychological traumas, or loss, then psychological problems can result. From the research I carried out, these traumas usually correct themselves and need no intervention, however, in some cases, the effects are long term and don't resolve, leading to impaired functioning. In these cases, therapy processes aimed at recalling the past life difficulties and resolving the issues can be beneficial. One case that comes to mind is one I wrote of in my second book. It was a man who had severe problems in this life that impaired his functioning at a business and personal level. The process of uncovering the cause took him back to a past life in the USA in the 18th century as a black slave. By recalling and reliving that life he was able to overcome the problems and the feelings of inferiority it had left him with. He also gained a surge in confidence and ability.

One of the problems with past life regression is fantasy. If not carried out properly, most people will simply recall fantasised past lives and fantasised events. These will mislead and are completely useless when it comes to past life therapy, though they are not necessarily useless when it comes to therapy processes overall, as such fantasy can have value. For instance, when a person recalls a past life as Cleopatra or the queen of England, it can hide the underlying desire to be somebody special. This can be a result of feelings of inferiority. If someone always recalls lives as someone special, then it is likely that this is the cause. However, it need not be as it can be used in a way dreams utilise such images. Nevertheless, within the fantasised past life, true indicators of problems can hide. That is why it is important to be helped by someone who has an understanding of unconscious processes and who has an understanding of unconscious expression. In that way, even if unconscious conflicts wrap themselves in the guise of fantasy, you will be able to gain benefit from such expression. The problem is that many people who do past life regression, who do past life therapy, have no proper training in therapy processes, or unconscious imagery, and are unaware of the complexities that such imagery can hold within.

For someone who does genuine past life regression and recalls genuine past lives, the reward can be very special. It can lead to an understanding of life in general, as well as an understanding of personal issues. It can also be an exciting discovery and can give you understanding of how the process of life and death works.

The important message is that personal growth comes from insight. Past life regression can bring a great amount of insight, but it can also be misleading if put into the wrong hands. Fantasy can mislead. Fantasy that is understood can bring insight. Fantasy that is not, can lead to the opposite. Past life memory is a wonderful blessing if done correctly, but really only if done correctly. Personal insight is also a wonderful thing, but again, insight is knowledge and it cannot be gained through someone who does not have insight, so choose carefully. The case histories I outline in my books show the reality of reincarnation and the strength of the evidence that exists for its reality. Once you understand this, you need to understand what life is about, what your own life is about, and pursue your own life accordingly. Life can bring great personal reward.

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