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Christianity And Reincarnation

Published by Peter Ramster in May 2012 · 20/5/2012 15:14:15

Christianity And Reincarnation (from Wikipedia).

Christians no longer all follow or believe the traditional doctrines, though they continue to attend Christian churches. One belief commonly held today is reincarnation, and this is now held by many people in Christian religions, including the Catholic religion. Wikipedia notes "Though the major Christian denominations reject the concept of reincarnation, a large number of Christians profess the belief. In a survey by the Pew Forum in 2009, 24% of American Christians expressed a belief in reincarnation. In a 1981 Survey in Europe 31% of regular churchgoing Catholics expressed a belief in reincarnation." It is my belief that reincarnation will steadily grow in acceptance over the next decades till it becomes almost universal.

Reincarnation and Christianity not Mutually Exclusive Belief Systems (from Wikipedia).

"Geddes MacGregor, an Episcopalian priest who is Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a recipient of the California Literature Award (Gold Medal, non-fiction category), and the first holder of the Rufus Jones Chair in Philosophy and Religion at Bryn Mawr, demonstrates in his book Reincarnation in Christianity: A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought, that Christian doctrine and reincarnation are not mutually exclusive belief systems."

Changing Times With Christianity.

One can see that a belief in reincarnation is growing in the West, and as a belief it is more strongly supported by evidence than any other religious idea. Religion has normally been a conglomerate of unsupported beliefs, as if it is OK to believe in something that in many ways seems unlikely and fanciful, and without evidence, but in the modern day, with modern day developments, it is unlikely that the world will need to continue in this way much longer. This is because, unlike the past, today we are beginning to open up the mind and its secrets. It is important to remember that the brain has no known way of accounting for consciousness, and considering that its constituent parts, the atoms, contain electromagnetic forces, it is unlikely it will ever be found to be capable of creating consciousness. In order to understand mind we need to research the mind, not the physical. When we do we find that evidence for reincarnation is abundant, and sometimes that evidence is beyond reproach. At this point in time there is only a small amount of evidence that is highly significant, however, the fact it exists turns the tide in a more positive direction than has been previously the case.

Is Christianity Misleading Us?

Christianity does not need to exclude reincarnation, as parts of the Bible can be interpreted as confirming reincarnation. It is therefore excluded because of a biased belief that has no basis in fact, and in fact, no basis in Biblical teachings, as it depends on how one wants to interpret some passages of the Bible. In fact, one passage in particular, is difficult to interpret in any other way than reincarnation. Reincarnation is not something excluded by the Bible. It is excluded because of bias and because of the way passages are officially interpreted, (which of course, translates to nothing more than the way some people wish to see something). I have quoted chapter and verse before in that regard.  

The Future of Religious Belief

It is inevitable that the future of religion will incorporate reincarnation. This is because of the evidence for it. It is also, I believe, likely that old religious ideas will disappear and fade away. This is because in the modern world, people become more educated and more logical in their thinking. They possibly cling to churches now because they wish to believe in something, and that is the best they can find at the moment. The future however, stands to change that. Churches are important, but in the modern world they become more and more irrelevant, though paradoxically, people turn to them because of disillusionment. Churches need to maintain dignity, maintain values of social responsibility, and at the same time, move in line with modern beliefs and knowledge, and the understandings of the modern world. Otherwise, churches and the people in them won't grow, and they will be left behind. Certain beliefs are understood to be important to any positive society. These include tolerance and those things which are good for society as a whole, including the individual. Churches need to maintain such beliefs, maintain positive social goals, but at the same time, refrain from getting bogged down and locked into ancient, irrelevant ideas and practices, ignorance, and practices that socially divide. The world has evolved from ignorance, in fact, extreme ignorance. It is still evolving from violence and superstition, from darkness in many places of the world. If we cling onto all ancient ideas, then we immerse ourselves in the ignorance of the past. We need to change in accordance with the knowledge of the time. Churches need to do the same, no matter what the denomination. Many practices of the past, including religious ones, were the result of bad intent. They do not need to be maintained in the modern world. Churches, like all of us, need to grow with time, not lock ourselves in the ignorance of the past. In the past, the furthest we could travel was as far as a cart could take us, as far as a canoe, or an ancient boat. Today, the future lies in the stars. It is important, as we find our way there, we take truth with us, and not ancient ignorance.

The Bad Points of Religion

When religion opposes modern advances in knowledge and understanding, it becomes a bad thing for society. When religion divides people instead of bringing them together, it remains a bad thing. When religion peddles ignorance instead of knowledge, then it is again, a bad thing. Religion should teach tolerance, love, understanding, kindness, forgiveness, and unity of all peoples as the children of God. Instead we have one religion teaching this and another teaching that, and one religion fighting another when religions are supposed to bring fellowship between all of the people of God, which is all people on the Earth. It doesn't therefore, at this time, succeed in its job.

The Future World

It is inevitable that the future world will have reincarnation as a core belief. People will not need religion unless religion lifts its game and finds itself a true place in the modern world. Reincarnation will in time prove itself as a reality. It has already done so really, but like so many things that many people don't want to believe, it will need to be proven over and over again, until it finally becomes recognised by all as a fact. By reincarnation, I don't mean we come from animals or return to animals, but rather I am talking about the reincarnation of the human soul or spirit that always reincarnates in human form. Research from many sources shows that life on Earth is a school. This is even confirmed in dreams. And like any school, we have to continue on with classes over years and terms. Each year classes change in their curriculum. Life on Earth is the same.

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