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Why do people think that life ends with death when it is really the beginning of a new adventure?

Published by Peter Ramster in March 2012 · 27/3/2012 14:56:36

As discussed, the human body cannot account for consciousness, not even the brain. Atoms emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of heat and light. They produce ions, molecules and compounds that might be seen as mini magnets, having either positive or negative charges, and in the case of larger more complex molecules both. Atoms make great atomic bombs, supply electricity, generate heat and light, but they don't have the capacity to think. We need to consider that everything in the material world comes from matter, which in turn is composed of atoms. There is nothing therefore in the entire universe that can account for conscious awareness. By deduction, if that is the case, then our conscious awareness must come from somewhere else, another world, another dimension of existence. Also, if the energy of our consciousness comes from somewhere it must  go to somewhere, as energy cannot be destroyed or created according to the laws of physics. In other words, if we come from somewhere, on death of the body, we must go to somewhere. If we come from another world or another dimension, then our awareness must return there. It stands to logic. To say the brain accounts for human consciousness is like proposing a scientific form of the virgin birth.

It is silly to think that our consciousness can arise from something that doesn't have it or the capacity to have it. This popular belief that the brain can account for human awareness is really a myth. Many have trouble getting their head around the reality of life after death, which after all, to some is scary, especially if one might consider the ramifications of karma, and personal responsibility.

What is on the 'other side'?

When we talk of death and the world beyond, many people think of a heaven, or a beautiful place. Yet the research I carried out into unconscious memory shows that there are different worlds beyond death. It is not just one. Probably the closest thing to what is recalled is the Catholic concept, but you need to add reincarnation. Research seems to point to seven realms, with each of those broken into seven levels. Above that are more levels of a different nature. Below the seven levels seem to be two hells, one unpleasant, the other at the bottom of all is the classical hell. The levels of existence on the other side are very pleasant to exist in, as long as you haven't gone to one of the hells. The seven levels might be equated to the astral planes of existence, with the etherial planes above those. How many etherial planes exist I don't know. I am calling them the etherial planes because I have no name to call them, I just understand they exist.

According to what people recall we work our way up the different levels of existence till we reach the top. That would take a very long time. If you have murdered or committed other atrocities, or serious crimes against people, and not atoned or repented, then your path is most likely to one of the hells. If you have lived a normal life, like most, neither really bad, nor really good, you will progress through the levels as you advance. If you haven't progressed then you don't go up, and you do it again. The process of karma operates, so if you do bad, then you need to pay for it. Going to hell doesn't necessarily pay for something. You may need to return for a number of lives to pay for something really bad. Evidently, when you descend to hell, you lose your right to reincarnate. This has to be re-earned, by beginning to look for higher things. The system then, can be seen as a big golden staircase, by which we ascend over a very long time in Earth terms, to the highest. It can also be seen a little like the game of snakes and ladders, where you climb higher, but if you take the wrong path, you can fall backwards. Rewards come for positive lives and punishments come for bad lives. The future lies within your own hands. You build your future according to what you do and how you grow as a person, how you learn. Life is also depicted as a school, a place of learning. Once we reach a certain level of awareness, we don't return. That is the picture of life after death I have gained through many years of researching unconscious memory and also near death experiences. It is also said that life goes in cycles. It would seem that these are very long cycles, of a little under twenty five thousand years. The beginning of the cycle is the beginning of school. I understand we are soon to reach a new phase in human development. Much personal development can come as a result of reincarnation throughout the cycle.

Next week I'll talk about the illusionary nature of matter, and also how this was perceived throughout history.

How do we know that life after death is true?

Published by Peter Ramster in March 2012 · 16/3/2012 12:24:04
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