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My Dream Journey - Part Two

Published by peter Ramster in July 2016 · 21/7/2016 19:05:42

The confirmation that something had indeed happened, that was exceptional, came on the 6th December 1983. I dreamt that two of our friends were splitting up. They were people who had always seemed very close and in the dream I was shocked. One of them asked me to sell their furniture. I said they shouldn’t be too hasty. They reply that I am six months too late, that the relationship is irretrievable. At the time I dreamt it I had been away. I called the people I knew and a different female to normal answered. The moment I heard the different voice, I knew the dream was correct. The male I knew came on the phone, and there was a moment silence and a slight awkwardness. He told me that they had split up (as per my dream). He said he had tried to contact me to get my help but I was away. He went overseas. Since then he has found a new partner. He said I’m six months too late.

The next exceptional dream came on the 21st December. I’ll never forget it. In the dream I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and saw it was slightly ajar. I opened it to find my father standing there. He had been dead for about 14 years.  I was surprised to see him and greeted him. He came inside. He was wearing a beautiful new suit and seemed much younger than he was when he was alive. We sat on the couch and chatted for a while with him telling me about what he’d been doing. After what seemed to be a long chat, he then said he had to go, but told me he’d be back. He left and I woke from the dream. It was sad to realize he was dead, but I had the strong sense that he’d visited in reality. I had confirmation that this was indeed a reality some years later, when from another dream I was given evidence about it.

To be continued.

My Dream Journey - Part One

Published by Peter Ramster in July 2016 · 15/7/2016 01:54:58
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