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We are a non-profit organisation with a goal of assisting mankind to forge a better world, which we do through various means. We run classes, assist with human awareness, disseminate knowledge through books, videos, meetings and seminars, and make information available over the web. We continually add to that information.

We are a spiritual organisation with goals consistent with spiritual values. These include kindness to others, tolerance, non-violence and open mindedness. We are not associated with any religion.

We have an understanding of life based on many years of research into life after death and reincarnation, and our work has also given us an understanding of the purpose and meaning of life. We disseminate our knowledge through this web site as well as in books and videos, and our meetings and seminars.

This organisation began in Sydney many years ago, and expanded further into Victoria under a different name, and has since undergone a metamorphosis over time. We continue to develop slowly and have many people now visiting our site each day from all parts of the world, especially from China, the USA, Russia, the UK, and Australia.

At Aramai we understand that all people have different ideas and beliefs, but wise people seek truth. Through the research and study our teachings are based on, we have sought truth and accuracy in our beliefs. Because of this, we have truth in our teachings. These truths help to explain life, and explain how to bring a greater satisfaction to your existence.

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